• 18:00—22:00 Boudník Mahen Memorial Jiří Mahen – Library in Brno 

    guided tour of the exhibition with Olga Búci

  • 18:00—22:00 Art workshops for children and adults Fait gallery

    The teaching department of LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) prepared artistic activities following the works presented at the ongoing exhibitions and presenting the work of the presented authors. The price is already included in the entrance fee to the exhibitions (20 CZK).

  • 18:00—22:00 Make a notebook with Little Books Fait gallery

    Creative workshop for paper lovers of all ages. In the workshop, you will learn to sew a workbook using upcycling. Scraps of beautiful graphic papers will serve as material, which you will save from the container. We will provide all the needs. You take the notebook and the griff home. Price 100 CZK.www.littlebooks.cz

  • 18:00—24:00 Kristián Németh / Warm Greetings Fait gallery

    The solo exhibition Warm Greetings presents the latest work of the Slovak visual artist Kristián Németh. In his project called Warm Greetings he examines the subjects of supreme power, unshakeable external interventions, social norms, pressure and expectations affecting an individual or a group in the modern world. Curator: ​​​​​​​Michal Stolárik.

  • 18:00—24:00 David Možný / Blink of an Eye Fait gallery

    Obstinately precise technical rendering accentuating detail. Emphasis on direct, sensory experience and an almost physical effect on the viewer. Spectacularly shared doubts over the distinction of the borders between reality and illusion, between machine algorithms of a virtual environment and a fluid reality. These are the main attributes in the work of David Možný. Curator: Pavel Švec.

  • 18:00—24:00 Petr Veselý / A Knife in the Cupboard Fait gallery

    Petr Veselý handles words as naturally as he does pictures. He develops both from the intersections of the seen/the heard, the touched/the thought. The seeming lightness of these combinations offsets the weight of the material to which the artist always returns and in which his works are anchored. If we understand the creative process as the layering of meanings, Petr Veselý’s work embodies a paradox, evidence of radical subtraction. Curator: Barbora Kundračíková.

  • 18:00—22:40 Cimbalom ensemble of Josef Fečo with first violin Ivan Herák

    Programme in front of the museum

  • 18:00—24:00 Assembly Hall, Knights' Hall New City Hall

    free tour​​​​​​​

  • 18:00—24:00 Bookshop Artmap, children's corner and Mutter Café Fait gallery

  • 18:00—23:30 Boudník Diocesan Museum

  • 18:00—23:30 Pavel Hayek: Fotogramy  Diocesan Museum

    Intervention in permanent exhibition

  • 18:00—24:00 The Gentle Barbarian Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

    screening of the feature film about Vladimír Boudník after Bohumil Hrabal's novel of the same title / in the courtyard in collaboration with ART Cinema and PRAHA café

  • 18:00—21:00 Indoor rowing and cycling /A brief look back at diving equipment / Quizzes with sports themes for adults and children / Laser maze (ÚDIF) / Flight simulator / F1 simulator / Look back at the time before 1989 / Animated Street of Crafts / Animated exhibition – In Hard Times 1918-1919 / Examples of historical goldsmithing techniques at the exhibition Carat Souls / Permanent exhibition Culture of the Blind with the curator / Technical Playroom – physical laws experienced hands on and retro computer games / Coin minting / How our great-grandmothers dressed for sports and not just them Diocesan Museum

  • 18:00—24:00 ART IS HERE: New Art Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

  • 18:00—22:00 VDIFF + Constant Rendering / Exhibition talk + live painting performance Diocesan Museum

    VDIFFThe VDIFF exhibition will present fourteen artists from the emerging generation embodying fourteen individualistic and confident approaches to the medium of painting. Vdiff (visual diff) is a term from the field of computer programming denoting a method of file control using visual comparison. Selected as a title it should evoke the fact that the exhibition shows paintings at a time when computers and digital technology have become everyday reality and hence strongly influence how and what we perceive visually. The aim is to create a spectacular environment within the framework of which the paintings will spill over into spatial installations and create mutual visual confrontations and incite discussion over the similarities and differences of the participating artists. Rather than a show presenting individual artists it is a gesamtkunstwerk, a shared installation of painters, male and female, filling up the landscape. Abstraction meets quite naturally figurativeness, expressiveness faces order, monochrome rendering clashes with a wild colour palette. Additional frequent elements include bricolage, multiplications, mass production as a reflection on the consumer society, pop culture, media reality, and the all-embracing digital universe represented mainly by the internet.

    Rafał Żarski: Constant Rendering​​​​​​​With his exhibition Constant Rendering, Rafał Żarski invites us on a journey into his vision of the future. There is no more life on Earth in the real sense of the word, only perfect urban scenery and machines living their meta-lives. The machines don’t know where their progenitors came from, but they do know what their task is. They fill the world with visualisations of the future, and their day, without beginning or end, is structured only by individual tasks: rendering, printing and application of elements into an imaginary urban landscape. Rafał Żarski thus presents a seemingly absurd world, the foundations of which he finds in the way we work today and in urban planning. The absence of organic life then reflects, with a certain straightforwardness, the consequences of the global environmental crisis.Rafał Żarski (*1989) is a visual and multimedia artist. In 2016 he obtained his MA at the Photomedia Studio, the Szczecin Art Academy. He lives and works in Poznan, Poland. In 2018 he took part in the Brno Artists in Residence residency programme.

  • 18:00—22:30 Laterna magika: (De)construction and (Re)invention  Diocesan Museum

    Through deconstruction, we reveal the basic principles behind the multimedia mechanism of Laterna Magika, looking beyond the image/theater, beyond the compact illusion, and thus dismantling the carefully synchronized machine into its individual components. This is the only way to approach the foundations upon which Laterna Magika is built, to comprehend the essence of the multimedia performance, its possibilities and limits, to simulate a multisensory experience for the viewers and to address several issues which have emerged throughout the history of the experimental scene of the National Theater, such as: political representation, the institutional background, promotion, the memory of experimentation and the role of artists in the Normalization era. Deconstruction goes hand in hand with reintroduction, which constitutes a basis for the spatial solution of the individual installations while also being embedded in the new art projects which merge with the archival materials and show Laterna Magika as a medium or format with many potentialities.

  • 18:00—23:30 Fraser Blocklehurst: Pillow Talk Diocesan Museum

  • 18:00—24:00 Kateřina Šedá: Každej pes jiná ves  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    Intervention in permanent exhibition

  • 18:15—18:45 Silent films with live music by Tomáš Vtípil Diocesan Museum

    White Paradise (Lamač, 1924, 70 min)

    Tomáš Vtípil – electronics

    Jana Vondrů – soprano

    Vojtěch Procházka – piano

    Lukáš Mik – violin

    Eva Rohlender – violoncello

    Lukáš Mik – violin

    Jonáš Kucharský – drums

    It Was the First of May (Červenková, 1919, 10 min)

    Tomáš Vtípil – electronics

    Afterparty (free): DJ Floex  – DJ set of the awarded pioneer of electronic music in the Czech Republic (4 Anděl/Angel awards, most recently in 2018)

    The event is held as part of the MUNIFESTO film festival marking the centenary of Masaryk University. Complete programme and tickets at www.munifesto.cz.

  • 18:30 Guided tour of Kristián Németh's exhibition  Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the Warm Greetings exhibition with author Kristián Németh and curator Michal Stolárik

  • 19:30 Guided tour of Petr Veselý's exhibition Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the exhibition Knife in the Cupboard with author Petr Veselý and curator Barbora Kundračíková

  • 21:00 Guided tour of David Možný's exhibition Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the Blink of an Eye exhibition with author David Možný and curator Pavel Švec

  • 21:15—21:45 Temporary exhibition Diocesan Museum

    Visit to a Doll’s House /an attractive exhibition of historical doll's houses from Art Nouveau to Barbie.Fresco Hall /the best preserved room in the heritage monument with original decoration.

    More at www.letohradekbrno.cz 

  • 21:45—22:15 Programme Diocesan Museum

    Guided tours every hour on the hour.